Welcome to Show Time Magazine, this is the home of show going people of all sorts, be it car audio, racing of all types or just power junkies, we will even throw in tattoo’s and whatever else goes with our lifestyles.

To give you a run down of who we are, it all started with us at shows (just like the ones in our pages) where people kept on saying "shows needs exposure", "people need to know what’s happening at shows", and while others turned a blind eye we took the opportunity to give you what you want, a place where you and you friends can see yourselves doing what you love.



Mr Chris Wall

Show Time Magazine's Editor, most of you know him as "Krutch", but wait, theres more! His talents don’t just stop there; he is best at capturing pictures that the motoring scene has to offer, chat to him if you have a story.

Mr Shaun Kruger

Someone needs to make sure the bills are paid, the man behind the advertising sales, our Sales Manager Shaun, he makes sure you can find all that you need and where to get it, right here in Show Time Magazine.

Mr Tela Rikhotso

Known to us all as “T-style”, making sure that you get to know all that is happening in the motoring scene, straight from the streets of e-Kasi, taking all the photos and supplying all the writing for CarltureZA.

Mr Juan Welgemoed

Our resident photographer, always taking great pictures for our magazine He is very good, loyal and extremely trustworthy, when you see him at a show, ask him to take a pic of you with your ride, it might end up here.

Mr Damian Esterhuizen

Juan's best friend and started helping us cover shows of all sorts, a creative & passionate photographer, keeping Show Time Magazine's name high and also helps with events to ensure we cover as many as possible.

Mr Mohamed Riaaz Fakie

Riaaz contacted us when he saw our Magazine and was ecstatic to cover the Durban region as a Freelance photographer. He is a pleasant gentleman & an excellent photographer, if you see Riaaz ask him to take a pic of your ride.


Lastly the 2 ugly dudes that you have come to know from being at almost every event possible, Barend and Gerrie, who you most probably will meet at the next one, if you haven't already. These dudes joined their 'diffs' and decided to start up the roaring engine of Show Time Magazine. At this moment, we are starting to pump up the dB's towards the crowd and it's making a real impact as the Event Magazine of choice in South Africa. We vow to bring you more pedals to the metal where the tyres light the fires, with more to read and more to learn with the most relevant content there is, at your fingertips.

So keep a lookout for Show Time Magazine on the shelves, if you don't want to check the shelves, get Show Time delivered to you by ordering it on line, directly from our website.

No event is too small, don’t ever think like that, every bit contributes to growing the industry and we at Show Time Magazine will capture it and showcase it for all to see, plan your events and let us know, we sure would love to be there!!!

Happy Event Hopping…

                                                          …iiiiiiiiiiit’s Show Time!!!